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iQ Technology for a Special Kind of Vending Machine

A revolutionary inventory and tracking system

While there are plenty of advanced vending machines out there, few systems integrate all aspects of operating a vending machine like our iQ technology does. This powerful product provides a bevy of benefits to customers and machine operators alike, from the point of purchase to the back end of the machine. Managers can access important machine info from anywhere they like, while customers can enjoy more personalized service than ever before. From providing unprecedented security for retail purchases to securing a stockpile of supplies in an office vending machine, iQ technology has the near-limitless potential to change the way we buy, sell, store, and borrow goods. Managing a vending business can sometimes seem overwhelming given the rapidly-evolving nature of a special kind of vending machines, but iQ technology brings the entire concept together with a myriad of intuitive uses. No matter your business, iQ is here to make it better than ever.

Managing your inventory is the key to a smoothly running, profitable business. iQ is a cloud-based system that gives managers great operational flexibility with real-time inventory visibility. And when you link multiple sites with our iQ Techonolgy, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your business 24/7.

Here's how it works:

Cloud-based brain

By making iQ a web-based software system, we gave customers the ability to manage their dispensing machines from any operating system and any mobile or desktop device. Which means you can have 24/7 access to your data anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Multi-machine management

iQ lets you track and manage as many machines as you like. They don’t even have to be at the same location. The only requirement is that each machine have an Internet connection. Which means no matter where your machines are, you can pull reports, see real-time inventory, generate pick lists and more — all without leaving the office.

Secure transactions

All transactions are 100% encrypted. All numbers and data are protected, and no credit card data is stored at machine level or on the servers, ensuring your customers' private data cannot be compromised.

Real-time inventory views

The complete dispensing history and real-time inventory of all your vending machines is always available. But iQ does more than that. Used in combination with support software, you can also track the inventory in your stock room or in your delivery vehicles. That means your complete product chain can be tracked for reordering and — in the case of perishable product — expiration status.


Alerts can be sent to key personnel via email, pager or mobile device to warn of low stock positions, expiring product, loss of Internet connection, power loss or more.

Powerful reporting

iQ includes powerful reporting capabilities to assist managers in optimizing their dispensing system. Usage reports, re-stock lists, inventory position and many other management reports can be generated and printed online, exported to your desktop or imported into your billing/tracking software.