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Will Call Technology for Unprecedented Convenience

A will call order pick-up center for customer convenience.

Will call stations have been a staple of online transactions for years, from picking up concert passes at the show to grabbing prepaid baseball tickets at the stadium. If your business is currently selling its products online, why shouldn't your customers enjoy the same convenience? Instead of having your clients wait in seemingly endless lines at crowded pickup centers, you can employ the use of a vending machine that allows for instant, will-call product retrieval. With technology as advanced as ours, you never have to depend on a busy staff to get your customers what they need.

Safe and Secure Pickups Thanks to iQ Technology

Wondering how a customer can retrieve an online order from a will call locker? The answer is simple. Thanks to the iQ Technology used in our machine, you can give your clients a simple access code that will allow them to pick up their product instantly. This ensures that the product only goes to the person who ordered it, and that the customer never has to wait for a package worker to sift through piles of boxes to find their order. The vending machine manufacturers at IDS strive to provide unforgettable convenience, and a will call station will help keep your clients happy like never before.

Constant Support for Customer and Client

Here at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating a chain of customer satisfaction. We provide business owners with everything they need to run their operation smoothly, which in turn makes all of their customers more pleased than ever. On top of creating a state-of-the-art vending machine for any industry, we are available for a full suite of machine maintenance options. As durable as our products are, all vending machines need to be well taken care of in order to prosper over a long term period. From vending repair to product replenishment, we are always here to make sure your industry-leading vending machine stays just as functional as the day it was purchased.