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Total Partnership

We are reinventing vending.

From concept and design through engineering and construction, IDS works closely with our customers to develop custom vending solutions that solve problems. Together we can create new selling opportunities, secure valuable goods, improve inventory control and more.

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Your idea.

Your idea may be fully formed, or it may only be in the beginning stages — the important thing is that you have recognized the value vending can offer your organization.

We’ll work with you to discover what you need. Do you need security? Increased sales opportunities in-store or out? Are you trying to address inventory shrinkage? Or do you need a more efficient way to dispense tools?

Once we know what you need, we can start solving your problem. Next »

Our software and engineering.

From idea we move on to execution. Our designers and engineers work with you to determine your specs. What will the footprint be? How will your user access the machine? With currency, credit cards, a prox reader, a pin pad or some combination of methods? Do you want custom graphics to extend your brand?

The answers to these questions influence the design of your custom solution — determining the software, the hardware and the communication protocols that will turn your idea into reality. Next »

Custom construction.

Your program is built from the ground up. Using lessons learned from eighty years in vending, we build your machine with a lean manufacturing process in our 500,000 square feet facility. Our sophisticated fabrication techniques and advanced machining ensure your custom construction is made with quality and durability. Next »

Complete design and build control.

We do not send our CAD files to Korea, Taiwan or China. We send them down the hall. That’s because our designers and engineers work in the same facility where your custom dispensing solution is manufactured.

This gives us total control over the entire process, and ensures you get your machine on budget and on time. Next »

Global network. Local support.

Designing and building intelligent dispensing solutions is just the first step. Once your machine is complete, our global support network steps in. Servicing customers in fourteen countries, these teams can install your dispensing machines, perform maintenance and repairs, provide comprehensive fulfillment solutions and collect revenue. Next »

Total partnership.

Partnership is the core of the Circle of Services. We carry on a conversation with our customers through every step of the process. This helps us create ideal dispensing programs — from the hardware and software through communication protocols and machine branding.

With the help of our partners, we’re reinventing the entire concept of vending. We’re pushing intelligent dispensing into new applications and industries, and providing powerful, cost-effective business tools that help our clients succeed. Next »

A Truly Custom Vending Machine For Any Need

There are tons of vending machine manufacturers out there, but very few of them that believe in bringing a unique vision to life. Vending is more than a means to an end these days, and our products can be completely custom tailored to meet the personal needs of your business. Even once you have decided on the perfect custom vending machine design, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will work tirelessly to engineer your product with the best vending hardware and software on the market. You'll enjoy complete control over how your machine is produced every step of the way, and our dedicated core of service professionals will always be on hand to assist with your custom vending solution. The vending world is more dynamic than ever these days, and we are proud to be amongst the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. From office vending machines to machines for the park or gym, IDS is ready to help bring your business to the next level!