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Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is serious about your success. As one of the leading vending machine manufacturers, we specialize in providing solutions that can make managing your vending business easier, more convenient and more profitable. Backed by a network of nearly 700 merchandising professionals in 12 regional offices, our coast-to-coast organization services over 20,000 locations. Being one of the top vending machine manufacturers in the country is a responsibility we take seriously. Read on to learn how we can help you take your vending business to the next level.

Vending Machines for Unique Markets

We specialize in providing vending machines that offer the products your target market wants to buy so you can define your niche, build brand loyalty and increase profits. Vending machines using IQ technology let you monitor your stock from wherever you are so you can make sure your inventory stays stocked. Our expert technicians can install your machine and tie it into your network so you can be up and running quickly.

Vending Made Simpler


IDS personnel can install your vending machine and tie it into your network so you can be up and running quickly.


With offices spread across the United States and the world, we can provide routine maintenance and repair to keep your intelligent dispensing solutions operating at peak efficiency.

Product fulfillment

We have distributor contacts across the world. No matter where your products are coming from, we'll provide an efficient distribution network that provides cost-effective fulfillment. Our product fulfillment solution can include delivery and stocking, distribution sorting at hubs around the country, logistics management, and merchandising.

Revenue collection

The iQ technology at the heart of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions allows centralized electronic tracking from the coin-drop in your vending machine to the bank. Our field operators use handheld infrared technology to record each collection and sync them with our central data collection point. The result is a complete loss prevention solution.

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