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Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

Vending Machine Manufacturers that Provide a Completely Specialized Solution

From the initial idea to final distribution, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions works closely with just about any business to create completely specialized vending machines. Because of the limitless flexibility of our products, our machines make for the perfect supply dispensing units for any type of establishment. Whether you want a machine that dispenses everyday office supplies such as paper and post-it notes or you need a sturdy device that securely sells crucial medical supplies for a hospital, we will ensure that your machine is built 100% for your business. No matter what industry you are a part of, the vending machine manufacturers here at IDS are ready to help everything run even more smoothly.

Specialized Vending Machines Build Your Brand and Enhance Convenience

From quiet offices to busy school and fitness facilities, our vending machines bring an unprecedented level of convenience to any place of business. No matter what type of work you manage, you can increase the productivity of your associates exponentially by having all of their necessary supplies available in a machine that is a few footsteps away. Save payroll, eliminate the need for a supply closet staff, and sell products long after most people have the left the building. Our specialized solutions provide endless possibilities, so why not start imagining some today?

iQ Technology Maximizes Security and Personalization

Our state of the art iQ Technology is what separates our products from the average vending device. Whereas vending machine owners typically have to be at their machines to read sales and inventory info, our cloud-based system allows them to access crucial access from their laptops, smartphones, and just about any other device that can access the internet. In addition to widening accessibility for operators, the iQ technology allows machine customers to log in with their personal ID numbers, making accountability and inventory control easier than ever. From increased productivity to enhanced security, our machines are built to provide the all-in-one-solution.

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