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Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Creates Secure Products

While every single one of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions' secure vending machines is built of strong stainless steel and high security glass, that isn't always enough. Some substances require a much sterner form of control, which are why we're able to produce machines that dispense items only to professionals with granted access. Those with the given authority have access to a pin bad, a barcode reader or scanner, a prox reader, or a fingerprint reader to ensure utmost security. These options can be mixed and matched for even more controlled access. Vend controlled substances , medical supplies, sharp objects, and much more without the fear of something ending up in the wrong hands.

Track the Inventory of Your Secure Vending Machines From Anywhere

To keep an ever watchful eye over every intelligent dispensing unit, each machine uses iQ technology to offer in depth product tracking software. iQ software gives users the ability to track inventory status across multiple units remotely from any internet enabled device. Rather than stopping by each machine in its individual location, keep track of all of your secure substances from your phone on the go or on your computer in the home. Use Intelligent Dispensing Solutions when you're looking to control a vast network of secure and controlled vending machines.

Vending Machine Manufacturers That You Can Trust

All of our machines are built with durable materials meant to last many years, but like any machines, things may happen over time. We operate with a vast network of vending service centers to ensure that, in the off chance that something does go wrong, we're able to right any issues as soon as possible. You can contact a representative of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions with any comments or questions by calling us at 1-877-771-446.

Intelligent dispensing goes beyond vending to see how a machine can help your personnel perform their job better and more efficiently. The healthcare industry has been quick to adapt to newer technology by using dispensing machines to meet compliance requirements for the storage of controlled substances.

Total security.

Not only are IDS intelligent dispensing solutions physically secured with steel construction and high-security glass, but the machine can be configured to dispense items based solely upon access code. That access can vary based upon authority level, and can be tied to a pin pad, a barcode reader or scanner, a prox reader, a fingerprint scanner or even a combination of these.

Having a mobile pharmacy available to paramedics, fire stations and other satellite healthcare offices prevents shortages and allows first responders and other medical personnel to provide the highest level of care.

What do you need to secure?

Controlled substances and other medical products are an excellent fit for intelligent dispensing, but other goods make sense as well. Knives and other sharp implements in a hotel kitchen, for instance. Ammunition on army bases or in police departments are other items which could potentially be dispensed.

Need to secure dangerous of regulated items? Talk to us.