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Intelligent Dispensing Solutions Creates
Brand Specific Vending Machines

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions' completely brand specific vending machines allow a brand to market its products in almost any style. We create specially-designed machines in the shape and size most convenient for anyone using our service. Rather than providing clients with plain black machines, we are able to change the skin of our retail vending machines to showcase the brand logo and overall outlook. Never fear about theft, because while a major focus is placed on the looks of a particular brand's machine, IDS is sure to create the most durable unit possible with solid steel and glass.

Generate Revenue Anywhere With Retail Vending Machines

The game changing concept of specialty vending machines infinitely extends a brand's ability to reach its target market without having to rely entirely on their in store promotions. Rather than being relegated to selling goods in retail locations and online, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions' diverse machines open up endless venues for gaining revenue ranging from airports to malls and even rest stops. Earn profits while the rest of the world sleeps as a retail vending machine never has to close down, unlike a storefront. Increase profits even further by using smaller units and stocking them entirely with the best selling goods from standard locations.

Vending Machine Manufacturers That Create Products You Can Trust

The vending machine manufacturers at Intelligent Dispensing Solutions utilize iQ technology to create the most efficient machine on the market. iQ allows a brand to manage the inventory levels for multiple machines over several locations in real time. The use of cloud computing in iQ enables remote access to the unit's owner from any operating system and mobile connected device anywhere. All transactions are completely encrypted, never storing credit card information creating a secure and reliable unit. Contact Intelligent Dispensing Solutions at 1-877-771-4446 with any further questions about its products and services.

Sell anywhere, anytime.

The right vending solution gives retailers, and even manufacturers, the ability to extend their brand anywhere. Airports, malls, gas stations, fast food restaurants — there is no limit to the reach of your brand. And, because nothing but electricity is required, your intelligent dispensing machine can be generating revenue around the clock.

More brand touch points.

Your dispensing machine can be designed to reflect your brand and your brand character. So not only can we skin your machine with unique graphics, we can find the right size vending machine for your needs. This is especially important, and valuable, when the machine is placed out-of-store.

Small footprints. Larger footprints. Everything in between.

With a number of base machines to start from, IDS can design a dispensing machine that is ideal for your products and brand. With footprints ranging from very small — small enough to fit at an end cap — to large locker systems that can hold and dispense oversize items, we can create a vending solution that meets your needs and your space restrictions.

Secure dispensing.

IDS machines are built of sturdy steel and unbreakable glass. When you choose to vend premium products, you reduce inventory shrinkage and theft because there simply is no way to get into the machine without a key.

Secure transactions.

IDS uses advanced technology, called iQ, to dispense items to your customer and to secure any customer information entered into the machine. No credit card information is stored on the machine or on your servers, making all transactions completely secure.

Your customers can access product with a variety of options. They can use cash, credit cards, pin pads, prox readers or even fingerprint readers. Plus, every IDS dispensing machine has our guaranteed iVend sensing system that ensures your customers receive the product they paid for or are refunded in the case of a malfunction.

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