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An Unprecedented Level of Service for School Vending Machines

Throughout history, schools and vending machines have always gone hand in hand. However, what used to be a humble snack machine sitting in the corner of a cafeteria can now be something much more. Thanks to Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, you can have a complete retail vending machine for any school and give both your students and staff an unprecedented level of convenience. The advanced technology found in all of our creations can go as far as providing students with full meals, which automates the flow of food service in busy cafeterias during lunch time.

School Vending Machines with iQ Technology to Help You Track Food Sales

In addition to providing students with everyday drinks and snacks, our school vending machine solutions can complement the role of a real-life cafeteria staff. By using our industry leading iQ software, you can sync your machine with the requirements of the Federal Free and Reduced Meal program, making it easier than ever to provide a quality school food service. Approved by the USDA, our retail solutions can help administrators save payroll while saving valuable lunchroom space for crowded schools. Students can purchase food and snacks from our machines using traditional cash or by accessing their free meal account, which automates a process that used to require manual labor for decades.

Security, Health Safety, and More

In addition to optimizing the workflow of any school cafeteria, our complete solutions bring a multitude of security and safety benefits to your place of education. With the wide range of point-of-sale technology available in our products, you can provide students with nutritional information on every product in your machine, which is more important than ever when vending to today's youth. Scool vending machines are an inventory worker's dream come true, as everything sold in our machines is easily tracked and accounted for. Whether you need to ensure you are complying to your school's free meal standards or want to minimize shrink, our vending machines are the perfect answer.

Enjoy Added Security For Your Fitness Vending Machine

Just as our intelligent, personalized vending solutions can take your customer service to the next level, our machines provide an extra barrier of security for your valuable goods. By selling fitness products such as goggles, bottles, and gloves in one of our highly-protected machines instead of in an office or storage room, you can lower the chance of theft and keep inventory shrinkage to a minimum. Instead of spending payroll to keep your staff watching over your items late at night, you can enjoy the peace of mind that only a highly-secure fitness vending machine can provide. iQ Technology