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Simplify Your Workflow with a Vending Machine for the Office

The term "office vending machine" typically brings to mind a basic snack vending machine that provides workers with a temporary sugary getaway. But what if it could be more than that? That is where Intelligent Dispensing Solutions comes in. With the help of the vending professionals at IDS, you can craft the ideal vending solution for your office, whether you want to vend pens, sticky notes, flash drives, keyboards, or anything in-between. Save your employees valuable work time and a trip to an office supply store by putting all of the everyday essentials at their fingertips in a vending machines.

Advanced iQ Technology Perfect for an Office Vending Machine

Our advanced vending solutions employ state of the art iQ technology, which has the potential to reduce inventory shrinkage by at least 25%. An IDS office vending machine can be programmed to require employee ID, which the iQ technology will use to authorize and report sales. Imagine this concept taking the place of your office supply closet, which requires additional employees and leaves a great deal of room for theft and human error. This revolutionary technology benefits manager and associate alike, as supervisors gain an easy form of inventory tracking, while employees can replace a broken computer mouse with the simple swipe of an ID card.

Save Time and Money with a Specially-Designed Vending Machine for the Workplace

At many offices replacing an Ethernet cord or keyboard is a process that sometimes takes days, as IT departments often have to fill out order forms and wait for product to arrive. That wait time is completely eliminated by using a custom vending machine from IDS. Having employees take out supplies by swiping an identification badge allows for instant accountability, which can save money and greatly reduce shrinkage in the long run. This saves managers and associates a great deal of time, as many of the office supply tasks that previously required humans can now be completed with the simple push of a button. Click here to watch the video on CNNMoney.

How can intelligent dispensing benefit your office? Talk to us.