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Create a Retail Vending Machine for Your Hotel

Vending machines have gone hand in hand with the hospitality industry for decades. While most hotels and motels offer the base-level convenience of traditional vending machines in their hallways, the solutions created by Intelligent Dispensing Solutions can take things to an all new level. Because our advanced iQ software can be used with all types of identification, hotel patrons can use their room key or PIN number to charge vending products to their room without having to use cash or credit. No matter what you decide to vend in your hotel, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will help you provide your products more effortlessly than ever.

High-Tech Vending Machines for the Hospitality World

Whether you run a humble roadside motel or a world-class luxury hotel, we can create the perfect vending machine for you. From drinks and snacks to hygiene products, the vending possibilities for your hotel or motel are truly endless. Just imagine allowing your guests to charge food products right to their room, just before taking out a new towel or blanket without calling the front desk. The top hospitality locations in the world are known for their customer convenience, and a vending solution from Intelligent Dispensing Solutions can make your facility more client-friendly than ever.

Security, Productivity, and Support

By complimenting your hotel or motel's services with a retail vending machine, you can automate much of the work that previously needed physical employees. You can reduce the amount of front desk workers necessary by allowing customers to obtain extra room items such as soap and shampoo right from a machine. This allows your staff to focus more on being as accommodating as possible to your clients. Our sturdy machines also guarantee the security of products that might otherwise be lost to theft, thus reducing your potential shrink significantly. And once you require maintenance on any of your machines, our nationwide support network will be happy to help.