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Medical Vending Machines: Greater Security, Greater Control

At IDS, we recognize that traditional healthcare problems can be solved with innovative solutions. We work with hospitals, medical centers, paramedic and fire stations, and other medical and emergency facilities to develop a number of solutions to the problems you face every day. Our medical vending machines provide you with easy and convenient access to a range of medical-related products.


UCapIt – Controlled access pharmaceutical and medical supplies dispensing

Ambulance companies, fire stations, paramedic operations and satellite medical offices are required to keep certain controlled substances on hand and have long struggled with how to provide access to those items while maintaining the appropriate level of security and documentation. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions formulated a medical vending machine solution called UCapIt™. UCapIt empowers medical professionals to instantly access and restock their units by using their access protocol. Using our powerful iQ software, your medical vending machines can catalog all withdrawals, time-stamping them and regulating their access according to the authority level of each person allowed to access these machines.

Retail medical vending can also be used to eliminate storerooms, save time, give managers a real time look at their inventory, reduce shrinkage and theft, improve the ease and speed with which personnel can get supplies, and generate cost savings. Placing retail vending machines throughout the medical facility can allow medical personnel to refill their carts or bags simply by swiping their employee badge or entering their pin code.

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Scrub Trak

ScrubTrak – The simple, central, smart way to track and dispense scrubs!

Scrub Inventory shrinkage is a major problem for most hospitals. Personnel either forget to return them or wear them out the door at the end of the day. As a result, the scrubs inventory is constantly depleted resulting in unnecessary supply costs and resulting in doctors, nurses and medical technicians experiencing shortages.

ScrubTrak™, an automated scrub dispensing machine, is our solution. ScrubTrak allows medical personnel to enter a pin number or swipe an employee badge to dispense scrubs in their size and color, or to return soiled scrubs. ScrubTrak reduces shrinkage and inventory shortages, and even reduces the mess associated with the typical scrub return area.

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