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Increase Productivity at Your Fitness Center with a
Personalized Vending Machine

Whether you run a gym, swimming center, or health club, a vending machine could greatly increase productivity at your workplace. In a field that demands personal interaction, you can spare your staff the responsibility of selling things such as beverages and equipment and always have them at the ready to care for clients. Intelligent Dispensing Solutions will work closely with you to build the perfect machine for your business, whether you want to vend sports drinks, swimming goggles, weight gloves, or a combination of all three. With a fitness vending machine, 24/7 gyms can utilize much smaller overnight crews and save your company a fortune.

Our Advanced Vending Machines Complement any Gym

The advanced technology used in our vending machines makes a perfect fit for any type of fitness center. Since most fitness facilities are membership-based, we can design a machine for you that utilizes said memberships and charges items to your customers' personal accounts. This way, they can get all of the supplies and refreshments they need without having to take out cash or a credit card. By integrating your standard gym services with our intelligent vending options, your customer base will grow even more loyal, thanks to the added layer of convenience they will be able to enjoy every day.

Enjoy Added Security For Your Fitness Vending Machine

Just as our intelligent, personalized vending solutions can take your customer service to the next level, our machines provide an extra barrier of security for your valuable goods. By selling fitness products such as goggles, bottles, and gloves in one of our highly-protected machines instead of in an office or storage room, you can lower the chance of theft and keep inventory shrinkage to a minimum. Instead of spending payroll to keep your staff watching over your items late at night, you can enjoy the peace of mind that only a personalized, highly-secure fitness vending machine can provide iQ Technology.

Advantages include:

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