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Adaptable Vending Machines for All Types of Business

Not only are our vending machines made from the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, they are built to adapt to just about any type of business. Retailers, office suppliers, and every industry in between has employed the services of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, and our machines can take vending into previously unexplored territories. Our special vending machines pose endless benefits to businesses everywhere, from safeguarding sensitive medical supplies to increasing the revenue of a busy electronics store. Are you ready to take your vending business to the next level?

Truly Unique Machines with iQ Technology

Aside from our dedication to adaptable vending solutions, what sets our machines apart from the rest is the unique iQ technology found in all of our devices. This one-of-a-kind software allows for a whole suite of distinguished vending services, from machine maintenance to performance alerts. Vending machine owners gain unprecedented access to how their machine is performing, as iQ's cloud-based brain allows operators to view crucial statistics from just about any device that can access the internet. The future of vending has already begun, and Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is ready to start building it.

Complete Customer Care for Retail Vending Machines and More

Even once we have made a quality retail vending machine to expand the reach of your business, our commitment to your company is far from over. While you enjoy the bevy of benefits that only a vending machine can provide, our dedicated nationwide network of support technicians is always around to help. Whether you are having machine errors or need a resupply of products, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions is proud to provide exactly what you need. Our sturdy machines are built with your needs in mind, and we are always working on ways to improve your vending business even after we have created your product.